The posadas are here and we want you to look fabulous in all the December festivities, that’s why we present to you what treatments DOES and DONT’S before a party.

1.- Hydro Facial: This treatment, through its powerful Vortex system, will eliminate all kinds of impurities and dead cells, allowing all active ingredients to penetrate deeply. Accompanied with LED light therapy, it will make your skin healthy, smooth and even the simplest makeup looks spectacular. Do it at least 3 days before a meeting, in case any type of redness appears, give the skin a chance to disappear or diminish.

2.- Lifting Facial with Egyptian Bandage: This Facial offers you the benefits of Radiofrequency and the benefits of a cold bandage, which creates a shock effect, making the skin tense and immediately lifted, also known as a Botox effect facial.

3.- Porcelain Skin Facial: Do you want your skin to look bright and hydrated? This facial is perfect for you! Followed by a super hydrating paraffin mask will make your face look and feel super smooth. Accompany it with a silk hand and foot treatment and it is the perfect triad to be a success at the party!

4,- Botox: Do your botox session one week before any party or reunion, that way you’ll give the toxine A time to settle down and you’ll get better results, also there is always a small risk of bruising when you get botox, if you do it with time you will look your best and no one will notice you just got your botox done.

5.- Hyaluronic Fillers: Doing Hyaluronic Acid on cheek bones and nasolabials lines will make you can look younger and refreshed. We go by the rule ” less is more ” because we want to make you look beautiful , natural and never overdone.

1.- Deep Cleansing: It is true, deep cleansing is a recommended monthly facial especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis, however a deep cleansing involves extracting blemishes that can leave a bit of redness and inflammation, if your skin needs this type of facial Consider doing it a week before any major event to give him time to recover and look his best. Don’t forget that drinking a lot of water is super beneficial as it cleanses, prevents expression lines, reduces acne and hydrates the face!

2.- Chemical Peeling. Although chemical peeling is an excellent tool to reduce acne marks, reduce expression lines and diminish pores, it is super important that you take enough time for your skin to regenerate. Therefore, if you want a deep peeling, consider doing it 21 days before any party, so you will avoid exposing yourself to light or sun that can affect the direct benefits that this treatment offers you.

It is important that you know that there are different types of peels and concentrations; a light peeling with AHA’s can restore luminosity to your face. Make sure that your cosmetologist or cosmetician explains the benefits and pre and post care in detail.

There is a lot of information that we can share with you regarding this and other treatments. If you want to see yourself and feel as you have always wanted, do not hesitate to call us at tel: +52664681-7532. We want to help you!

I hope this information helps you decide which one the best treatment for you. Wishing you the best today and always, your friend Bettina.

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