Dermapen Micropuncture

Facial Regeneration

Dermapen is a treatment that uses a manual device with a series of micro needles that help stimulate and regenerate skin tissue, favor the production of collagen naturally and in turn improve the appearance of the skin, as it increases its thick, revitalizes, looks firm, toned and younger. Dermapen allows the nutrients that benefit the skin the most, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides and amino acids, to be transmitted and absorbed.

Dermapen treatment is indicated to treat superficial facial wrinkles, such as the famous crow’s feet (expression lines of the eyes); wrinkles that appear on the cheeks, lips (barcode) and also known as mouth sores


This treatment aims to recover the joviality of people’s faces, which has lost a significant degree of tone, luminosity, relaxation of the face and neck. But, on the other hand, Dermapen treatment is also recommended on the body, especially in areas such as: arms, abdomen, and when there are stretch marks.



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