Plasma & Gel

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, is a minimally invasive outpatient treatment, which consists of processing your own blood previously centrifuged to separate the platelets, and obtaining plasma rich in proteins, called growth factors that infiltrates the face, neck, hands, cleavage or where required, can be applied from the age of 30 to prevent and / or to improve the quality of the skin.


Some of the benefits that I know
reflect after your application are …

1. Stimulates the production of collagen, achieving younger skin.
2. It stimulates the production of elastin making the skin look firmer.
3. Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, reducing expression lines.
4. It improves the tissue of the epidermis.
5. Brighter skin.
6. Activates and regenerates the functions of cells.
7. Improve the structure of the skin.
8. Gives smoothness, texture, softness, shine, tone and quality to the skin.
9. It is safe to apply our own blood, it does not produce allergies.
10. Increases the thickness of the skin.

Plasma Gel

Plasma Gel is a revolutionary natural filler that is obtained from the patient’s own blood plasma, it is used to correct signs of aging at any age, it acts by filling grooves, wrinkles, depressions or any surface irregularity, it also serves to give contour To certain areas of the face and unlike other fillers, 25% of the plasma gel is permanently fixed in the body, stimulating the production of collagen.

3 continuous plasma gel fillers are recommended to achieve a duration of 8 to 10 months.


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