PDO threads

Thread Rejuvenation PDO Substance

PDO support threads are revolutionizing the field of aesthetic medicine, as they lift tissue (skin), decrease expression lines and improve the definition of the facial oval without surgery.

PDO threads are biocompatible, bioabsorbable and safe, as they are the type of thread used in heart surgery. They are introduced into the skin using a needle specially designed for this purpose, after placing a few localized anesthesia points, which makes the procedure painless. Once the threads are inserted they betray and produce a natural tension of the tissue giving an appearance of immediate rejuvenation.



The facial support threads are placed to achieve repositioning, stop the fall and collect the skin of the face. The main objective is to reduce the signs of aging without surgery, pain, or general anesthesia or hospitalization. .

The main indication is to avoid or improve sagging and drooping of the cheeks, define or improve the mandibular line, decrease or attenuate the naso-genital sulcus and fine and deep expression lines.


Treatment with facial support threads is recommended from the age of 30. Recovery is quick and social activities can be resumed immediately, with rapidly visible results and remain for 12-18 months.



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