The season for shorts, short skirts and sleeveless tops is upon us, and many of us realize that we have accumulated or developed cellulite this winter season.

Cellulite is a very common condition that occurs more frequently in women and refers to the appearance of dimples and bumps resulting from fat accumulation , water and toxins. It develops mainly in the legs, arms, buttocks and frequently in  inner legs and tummy  when there is a hormonal problem. But, what to do to improve the problem?… Here we give you some advice.

1. Get active: walk, swim, run, get your body moving.

2. Drink lots of water, forget about soft drinks or flavored water, drink plain water and lots of it !

3. Salt is a NO in your diet, reduce it to the maximum or better yet, substitute for granulated Himalayan pink salt, this one you can not only use it in your diet but you can also make a fabulous body scrub with it (later we will tell you how).

4. Take care of your diet, minimize fat, increase fiber intake, such as green vegetables. Your calorie intake should be less than the amount you burn with exercise.

5. Activate circulation with a special massage glove, those with balls are fabulous, use it at bath time in the morning and at night.

6. Perform lymphatic drainage treatments, this therapy will help you eliminate toxins from your entire body; not only you will look better, but you will also feel better!

7. Attend manual anti-cellulite massage treatments and with Maderotherapy or Woodtherapy , this last one is an excellent option to degrade fat nodules more quickly and move them to other areas where you would like to have more volume, for example to the buttocks!

8. Body Radiofrequency is an excellent option to reduce cellulite while reaffirming the treated area. Exposure to heat causes the fat to degrade, and if it is accompanied by Vacuum Therapy we can take it to drainage points where you will eliminate it more easily, making the results more evident.

9. Consider options such as Anti-Cellulite Mesotherapy or PB Serum Enzymes, the latter have the advantage of being supported by hyaluronidase that will help drain more easily and the results will be visible in the short term.

10. Body wraps with Mud and Anticellulite, in addition to being super relaxing, will help the appearance of the skin to improve quickly.

11. Complement your treatment with a anticellulite gel , once you have done your massage, apply the gel before the body cream and allow it to be perfectly absorbed.

12. If your problem does not improve, it is important to consider a visit to an Endocrinologist, Thyroid and Hormonal problems in general can prevent your cellulite problem from improving despite treatments.

IMPORTANT: Never buy treatments that include all these options in just one hour, the truth is that for the treatments to work you must dedicate some time to them, it is impossible for your problem to improve if it is only treated superficially.

To give you an idea, a Radiofrequency treatment must be performed for at least 15 minutes per treated area, you understand what I’m saying? It’s not about just buying an anticellulite treatment, it’s about buying solutions, and at Aqua Spa Tijuana we specialize In that, each treatment is personalized because our goal is for you to see real results!

I hope this information is useful to you, and helps you choose the treatment that allows you to look the way you want. We are at your service at Aqua Spa Tijuana at tel: +526646817532 if you dial from the USA, in Tijuana 664 906-2879.

With the love of always,  your friend Bettina.

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