I want to tell you about my experience…perhaps many do not dare to say it, but I know that by doing so will help you: I had liposuction and after a few months I gained weight again!!!

Several years ago and like many women, I fell into the delicious temptation of quickly lowering measurements,without the greatest effort than entering the operating room and undergoing liposuction. I had a baby of months, and after a pregnancy full of stress, I wanted to increase my self-esteem, lift my spirits and recover my figure; I deserved it, after all I had faced my husband’s cancer, my pregnancy and my work… all at the same time… it was finally time for me.

The truth is that I do not regret having done it, because I think it is an excellent option to shape the body and perhaps to look like we have never done it before; I  just wish I would have done things differently.

When I sought the help of a cosmetic surgery professional, I was very excited, I was looking for that change, I knew I would look better… But what I didn’t know is after the lipo I had to commit myself and change my diet, exercise and undergo reductive treatments. so that my body would preserve the results that were obtained with the surgery.

With my surgery everything went well, I got out quickly, I joined work. After the lipo I used a girdle, and I was like that for more than 6 months; sometimes it was so uncomfortable to wear it, but it was indicated. With the girdle, the truth is that I ate less, because if I ate more, I felt like I was bursting… really!!!… So one fine day, with the summer weather, I decided to take it off, what could happen ?.., nothing… I already I had recovered, my body would stay like this forever …Boy I was wrong !

Luch and dinner Invitations , social and work commitments  arrived, and there was always a meal here and there; of course always to finish off a dessert and coffee, or a glass of wine… without realizing it, I began to gain weight… Not only did I get depressed seeing everything part of my body has ncreased, but I gained weight in a different way… I looked strange, something had happened and I didn’t know what to attribute it to.

When I entered the world of beauty, I learned that the body has memory, let’s say that the body knows what our maximum weight has been and it doesn’t take any trouble to get there… It’s like when you drive to a destination for the first time… maybe the first time is difficult, but the second time you already know the way… the same thing happens with our body… The difference is that after liposuction the body seeks to store fat in areas where fat was not extracted, and that It is what causes it to fatten differently.

I have clients and friends who tell me “When I decided to have liposuction, the first thing I should have done was my arms, face and back… and then the rest of my body”. That’s what they say that those of us who have had cosmetic surgery become addicted…because you’re always looking for something to improve…but of course…imagine now seeing the accumulated fat in areas where it was never a problem…

Of course you don’t have to go under surgery , the truth is that as in all reductive treatment, the basis is in the diet… They say  “We are what we eat”, and its true.  whether we like it or not… If we do not eat fat, then no fat can accumulate, it’s that simple… the same thing happens with sugars… we can’t turn them into fat if we don’t eat them… and so on, flour, pasta…

Well, then, personally, what has helped me to recover?… I will be as honest as I have been in the previous lines, I have had periods in which, due to different health factors, I have gained weight, but what has allowed me to recover to the maximum It is the combination of diet, slimming treatments and exercise… all together, because the truth is that metabolism becomes much slower as the years go by. In my case, WOOD THERAPY , CAVITATION, ENZIMES and FAT FREEZING  have done wonders for me, because the therapists not only work on the fatty areas, they work all over where is need , which is way better than if I only were on a  super strict diet, because they are shaping my body.

If you identify with my case and need help, don’t be sorry, don’t hesitate to call us, we can help you. And really believe me: YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I say goodbye with the usual affection, hoping that my experience will be of help to you.


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