In this season of the year, the intense cold and sudden changes in temperature particularly favor the development of respiratory diseases. In addition to taking care of the viral process, we must also know how Covid or Influenza affects our skin.  Fever or temperature above normal causes our skin to become dehydrated, look dull with no glow at all, the lack of sleep or rest favors the formation of dark circles, wrinkles, irritation of the eyes and even visible skin flaking, chapped lips and appear thinner.

To recover our skin we must hydrate  very well ( alkaline water will its the most recommended ) , as well as take into account taking at least one session of Vitamin C IV VitaminTherapy, which will not only help raise our inmune system but also acts as an antioxidant, providing luminosity to the face . It is ideal to complement this treatment with a low concentration peeling or a HydroFacial that allows us to eliminate all dead cells . And finally, a facial revitalization with hyaluronic acid  or stemm cells will restore the hydration and luminosity lost during this process.

* Vitamin C IV Vitamin therapy can be used as a preventive therapy that in addition to its antioxidant effect, is excellent for taking care of your body and face. But if you are struggling with stress, depression and anxiety, as well as if  you are a diabetic pacient , you have asma, Migraines, you can also ask for Myers IV vitamin Therapy which is my favorite one , it includes all kinds of vitamins, zinc, magnesium,  I just love it !

So whats the cons about getting all those treatments?.. None, you get to relax, and even get your facial done while doing the IV Vitamin Therapy ,and we have a big variety of IV Vitamin Therapies that we can offer based on your necesities like: Jet Lag, Hair Lost, Rejuvenating, Acne, Hair and Nails, Athletes. 

If you want more information about these or other treatments, we are at your service at tel +52664681-7532 of Aqua Spa Tijuana.  Hope this information is useful to you .Wishing you the best today and always, your friend Bettina. 

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