Ulthera Lift


Did you know that you can rejuvenate your face and reaffirm your body in one session?
We present to you Ulthera Lift and Ulthera Firm Body, a high intensity focused ultrasound that penetrates the base layer of your skin, supplying specific energy to the deep structural tissues and muscles where collagen lives. As the collagen fibers rejuvenate, a tightening effect is produced and the memory of the skin and tissue is gradually and gradually restored. lifts, firms, tones and reduces sagging face and body, counteracting the effects of time and gravity.


Ulthera Lift is ideal for lifting and tightening the cheek area and defining the jaw area; raise your eyebrow; reduces wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and lips; It also reduces excess skin on the upper eyelids; improves the contour of the chin and reduces puppet lines; also removes aging wrinkles from the neck; improves the quality of the skin and reaffirms sagging skin.



It does not need a special preparation, the treatment is carried out on a clean face with prior application of topical anesthesia to avoid any discomfort to the patient, once it can be incorporated into normal activities, avoiding sunbathing for a couple of days and protecting the face with sunscreen . Generally only one treatment is needed to obtain a remarkable result. Some patients enjoy an initial effect immediately after treatment, but the definitive lifitng will take place in just 2 to 8 weeks.


Ulthera Lift and Ulthera Firm Body are one-of-a-kind treatments and results last for 1 or 2 years, depending on your age, diet and lifestyle.


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