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Reductive, Anti-Cellulite and Firming Mesotherapy.

Treatment based on vegetable proteins, indicated to reduce and reshape the figure, cellulite, localized obesity.


Mesopeeling is a treatment that combines two different techniques: facial mesotherapy and peeling. These techniques, when working together, enhance their effects and achieve surprising
results in both the texture and firmness of the skin, from the first

Meso – Cavitation

It is a muscle firming and body shaper that gets good results.
in a few sessions, causing the destruction of the adipose cell with the consequent transformation of the fat into a liquid substance (diglyceride) that will be eliminated through the lymphatic system and urinary tract, after 72 hours of each session.

After cavitation in the area to be treated for 10 minutes, body mesotherapy is applied, thus enhancing the effects of both treatments.


Foot Ritual

Foot treatment, exfoliating and moisturizing based on paraffin and thermotherapy.


Silk hands

Hand treatment, exfoliating and moisturizing based on paraffin and thermotherapy.


Alpha Hydroxide Acid Peeling (AHA´S)

This type of peel can provide smoother, brighter skin and is ideal for people who do not have time to recover from a deeper chemical peel. Recommended to treat fine wrinkles, dry areas, blemishes and acne.



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